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Advancing Chinese Lacquerware: Our Journey with the National Key R&D Program

We are deeply honored to have been selected as a focus of the National Key R&D Program’s project on “Key Technologies and Equipment Development for Enhancing Traditional Chinese Lacquerware Craftsmanship.” 🙋‍♂️

This seminar was strongly supported by Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts & Design and Tsinghua’s School of Chemical Engineering. Led by doctoral advisors, the project team visited our factory for an in-depth exchange. 🤝 We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the successful conduct of this seminar and look forward to future collaborations with the experts, together writing a new chapter in the craft of Chinese lacquerware. 📖

This invaluable opportunity allowed us to showcase one of our outstanding products—synthetic lacquer for wood—to the experts from the project team. 🌟 We provided a comprehensive introduction to the product’s historical background, development process, scientific principles, and its various applications across multiple fields. 🔬
During the in-depth discussions and exchanges, we jointly explored the future potential of synthetic lacquer in the realm of traditional Chinese lacquerware art and discussed possible directions for improvement. 🧐 We look forward to engaging in more adaptive discussions with intangible cultural heritage inheritors in the lacquerware field, aiming to drive innovation and development in traditional craftsmanship.

Here are some highlights from the project team’s visit to our factory, capturing our joint efforts in preserving and innovating traditional craftsmanship. 📸
Let’s create brilliance together! 🌠🤝🌟

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