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Bangda laminating adhesive PUIIL-756D/751 RUIPU solvent based adhesive

The laminating adhesive PUIIL-756D/751 is suitable for the routine composition of OPP/CPP, OPP/VMCPP, PET/VMPET, etc.. It has the feature of high initial stick force and high levelability, providing good flexibility and transparency.

  1. Application ratio: main agent : hardener : solvent = 5 : 1 :7~10 (w/w/w). For the lamination of
    PET(full of ink)/VMPET or PET/Al or PA/PE(≥60μm), 10~25% more hardener is suggested.
  2. The recommended working concentration is 25%~35%, according to the performance and the
    appearance of the resulting products.
  3. Way to apply: the main agent is mixed with the solvent at first, then the hardener is added, the
    whole mixture is stirred sufficiently.
  4. Laminating temperature: in terms of running speed V, V~50m/min, normally around 60
    oC with
    sufficient ventilation. V~120m/min, with an set of temperature of 60-75-85
    oC along with sufficient
  5. Laminating pressure: as high as the film is not broken.
  6. Curing section temperature and time: 50±5
    oC for 24~48 hours to achieve expected performance

diaper glue; fabric to pe; etc.  contact us for the details.


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