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Enviromental infuence in lamination/ 在复合包装中,影响复合结果的‘环’

Environmental factors contain:

1st:  Relative humidity & Absolute humidity

2nd:  Dew point

3rd:  solvent vaporization heat: solvent volatilization will cause the ink in the ink panel to have a significant temperature reduction. There will be a large amount of water condensed into the glue panel or ink panel. ——In order to keep a stable glue leveling result, it is necessary to try to keep the viscosity of the glue stable, try to keep the glue temperature stable, and reduce the amount of solvent volatilization in the glue panel/glue barrel.

4th.   Control of environmental conditions.

           A. It is recommended that the temperature of the lamination workshop be between 15-28℃ and the humidity between 45%-65%.

           B.     In the temporary shutdown state of the laminating machine and printing machine, there should be no condensate on the cooling roll, printing plate, and coating roll.

           C.   Prevent dust and mosquitoes and flies from entering the workshop.

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