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How to Search Chinese National Standard Docs

* Language on all the national docs and websites listed below is Chinese, you might use an online translator when surfing.

First of all, you can find national standards on this website:, on this page you will see this:


Then click the catalog field your interest in, download the standard docs you need directly after registering.

Or, you can search the standard number starts with GB as the arrow indicates on this website:  It is a government website where you can read the national standard docs online.


Take some examples: 

GB/T 36064-2018 塑料软包装凹版印刷过程质量控制及检验方法

GB/T 36421-2018包装材料用油墨限制使用物质 Restricted substances concerning printing inks for packaging materials

GB/T 33320-2016 食品包装材料和容器用胶粘剂  Adhesives in food packaging materials and containers

GB/T 10004-2008 包装用塑料复合膜、袋 干法复合、挤出复合  Plastic laminated films & pouches for packaging dry lamination & extrusion lamination


Hope this article is helpful and everybody can find the information they need effectively.

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