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What is Gluing Process and How to optimize Gluing Process in Lamination

What is the gluing process in lamination?

  • The gluing process in lamination or flexible packaging refers to the critical step of bonding multiple layers of materials together using adhesive substances.  
  • Steps including:  Adhesive Selection;Application of Adhesive;Layer Assembly;Pressure and Heat Application;Curing or Drying;Quality Control.


What are the Common Problems in the gluing process in lamination:

  • Choose the wrong adhesives or wrong application;


Some examples of the Problems:

  • Choose the wrong adhesive: image that a water-based adhesive was mistakenly placed into a solventless lamination machine.  

  • Wrong application: put GP adhesive in the retort-type structure; or missed the packaging’s anti-media requirements.
  • Ink dissolution: phenomenon resulting from this error can render the appearance non-compliant with testing standards, and in severe cases, it may lead to the entire batch of products being scrapped.
  • Air bubbles, white spots on the packaging would lead poor performance, potentially attract complaints, product returns, or claims.


Solutions and Troubleshooting:



Summing up key takeaways, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge needed to optimize gluing processes successfully, ensuring a seamless and efficient soft packaging manufacturing journey.  

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