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In lamination packaging, the ‘material’ element that affects the result/在复合包装中,影响结果的‘料’元素

1. Substrates; 2. Adhesives;  3. Additives.

Substrates:  In the Lamination packaging field, commonly used lamination substrates contain paper; regenerated cellulose film; plastic film/sheet; metal foil/sheet.  There are many series of packaging paper, in which art paper and kraft paper are the most widely used.   Speaking of plastic film, you can find BOPP, CPP, BOPET, BOPA, PVC, CPP, CPE, and RCPP. ect are widely used in laminating packaging.

We should pay attention to the mechanical indicators of the substrates:

①Tensile stress at break; ②Nominal tensile strain at break; ③Thermal shrinkage rate; ④Haze; ⑤Gloss; ⑥Friction coefficient; ⑦Surface wetting tension; ⑧Oxygen permeability; ⑨Vapor permeability; ⑩Tearing resistance.

Adhesives:  Different functions laminates require different types of adhesives; the manufacturers pay attention to the leveling property of the adhesive.

Additives: most mentioned two ingredients are the slipping agent & opening agent, additives affect the Friction coefficient of the substrates.

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