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In lamination packaging, the ‘method’ element that affects the result/在复合包装中,影响结果的‘法’元素

Lamination packaging involves many processes. The rational application of the individual components together results in the final packaging.Various problems will inevitably occur in the process of production and finished product inspection, at this time the selection of the corresponding inspection analysis method can quickly find out the problem and solve the problem.

Application method:

The dryer temperature, nip temperature and the lamination pressure are three very important technical indexes in the dry composite process.

Corona processor is an indispensable tool. In the processing industry of composite substrates, it is the most basic rational application to determine a reasonable target value of surface wetting tension and to conduct real-time inspection. In the processing industry of lamination packaging materials, it is another reasonable application to install corona processor on the printing machine and laminating machine, to deal with the printing/laminating substrates online according to the actual situation. The attenuation of surface wetting pressure of laminating substrate is a common topic, the best solution to this problem is online corona treatment.

The temperature and pressure of the laminates, as well as the plasticity and breathability of the laminated films are the reasons for the disappearance of white spots or bubbles during the curing process.

When it comes to food packaging, the equipment and methods of disinfection and sterilization cannot be ignored.

Analysis method: 分析方法:

Glue does not dry” is a word that often appears in various quality complaints of flexible packaging enterprises, the stage and location of bubble white spots often trouble lamination flexible packaging enterprises. Besides, including additives precipitation,laminated bag opening and other problems require  the manufacturers to choose the appropriate analysis method to make judgment, in order to solve the problem symptomatically. This part involves a huge number of details, and can only state the general framework first, and more details will be expanded in subsequent articles.

#update:  pls refer to: What to Do When Facing ‘Glue does not dry’ in laminated Products? Step-by-Step Analysis for Adhesive Application.

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